Time for Playoffs!

As Major League Baseball concludes its regular season in its final weeks, the playoff picture is becoming more apparent with recent teams clinching their playoff berth. Just recently the Baltimore Orioles clinc...
Kansas City Royals v Cleveland Indians

Indians Call up C.C. Lee

C.C. Lee or Chen-Chang Lee from Peng-Hu County will take a spot in the Indians' 25 man roster. It is not known if he will stay after seeing the Indian's bullpen situation. This may be a chance for Lee to shine ...


sweet potato fries

Golden Sweet Potato Fries

Want to enjoy some sweet potato fries Taiwanese style? Check out this recipe by our Editor in Chief Zoe Hsiao. 1. Clean the sweet potatoes very well, use a sponge to clean the skin. 2. Cut up, 5 cm long, 2 ...




Remember the fallen 陳瑞光 who unfortunately died at an accident on Sept 15, 2014. Chen was a vital translator in chief ...

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