What is Stinky Tofu?

The Real Life version of a stinky tofu comes from a Taiwanese culinary dish. This dish is one of the few famous dishes that makes Taiwanese cuisine famous. What makes the tofu stinky? It is mainly because of the fermentation of the tofu that goes through during preparation. You can find this dish usually in the night markets all around Taiwan. In the United States, it is very common to find stinky tofu in Taiwanese inspired cafes.

What is Taiwan?

Taiwan has always been a controversial issue ever since it was released from Japanese occupation after World War II. Taiwan, formally known as Formosa to many colonial powers, became a province under the Republic of China after WWII. Since Chiang Kai-Shek lost the civil war against the Chinese Communist Party, he and the Kuomintang (KMT) fled to Taiwan to establish the exile government Republic of China on Taiwan. Ever since then, the name Taiwan is more of a identity to those that live on the island and less of a formal name used by those that fled from China. Until recently after the martial law was lifted, the identity and culture behind “Taiwan” flourished rapidly and here we are with Stinky Tofu.

Why Stinky Tofu?

The reason for the name is mainly because it is one of the many popular dishes in the Taiwanese cuisine and we wanted to stick with a name that can be associated with Taiwan. As Taiwan grows, the identity and culture has been blurred by politics and soul searching, which is the reason why this site will distinguish between the good and bad.

What is The Stinky Tofu dot com?

This site will showcase all the good and bad that come from Taiwan and the Taiwanese community abroad. When in 2012 the Olympics in London happened, Formosports.com, which is the predecessor to this site that featured Taiwanese athletes at its best, produced some interest in a site that showcased Taiwanese talent and culture. Since then, the development of Stinky Tofu was born. Taiwanese identity awareness has grown since the last few years as more and more knowledge of the country and culture spread throughout the world via internet and the kindness of its people to non-Taiwanese. We know there are many sites out there that may include our mission to spread the Taiwanese identity, which is why we aren’t pursuing to replace them but rather include them when we link to them. This way along with enjoying our site, you will be able to enjoy their site without missing a beat. We hope that as much as you enjoy our site, you will also support the sites we link to as they provide their own unique content pertaining to Taiwanese culture and identity.