Online illustration and comics are becoming more mainstream in Taiwan. We just can’t get enough of the cute illustrations that speak the hardcore truth about our society. Back in the days, it was the mangas that ruled the world–at least, it dominated my high school days.  I remember everyone passed the books around ever so gently like they were newborn babies. And that they were the only books that I would read, I really could’ve cared less about Confucius and his mates. But now that I’m out of high school, I’ve graduated from the comic book phase, and I thought everyone did, too. But evidently, I was wrong.

Not only did the world of pictorials stay with the people around me, it became strongly rooted in their lives. Before the images they found were only random distractions; now, they are mostly relatable scenarios that provide stronger stress relief.

For example, most women can look at Miss Undine‘s drawing and relate to them, simply because they are all about a woman’s daily struggle with the tiniest things in life. Like her boyfriend’s stinky feet.


 or the unemployed can look at this image (by 阿伯)and will stop feeling sorry for themselves.
no job
These sort of webtoons/web comics have been around for three or four years now. But I didn’t really understand the concept of an ugly illustration mixed with a bunch of text.
travel(like this one by Byebyechuchu–so much Chinese!)
11930884_1597509897179186_3464085248882708115_o (and this! the artwork is so simple! by Allcaneat)
But that was only because I didn’t really bother reading the content in the first place. It was only yesterday that I really started to notice an illustrator by the name of Nowepo. His style is sort of like this video, where he just dubs songs with random words that he thinks sound similar to the lyrics.
It might not sound like much, but the video does get stuck in your head, like forever! I did not used to like Maroon 5 at all. And now I can not stop singing Animal! Thanks to this video!

Videos like Nowepo’s can actually help foreigners to improve Chinese, I think. Haha. He might be the next Sesame St.

But you might have to develop specific liking for these sort of comics, as they are usually pretty eccentric. The exaggerated manga expressions are still there, but the humor is usually on the dark or cold side.

Like Cherng’s comics:

moon cake

Cherng is actually one of the earliest and most successful illustrators in Taiwan. I didn’t follow him, but I saw people reposting his stuff all the time back then.

Second is more mellow and he only puts his thoughts above a cat, but he has also collaborated with Cherng. So I guess that makes him popular as well?


A Ray has a more manga-ish style, where he exaggerates his characters’ emotions over the smallest things–like coriander! And his attention to detail is exquisite. 😛


Howtobegin2014 is a webtoon that is very sarcastic, even though the characters are very cutesy and manga-ish. It’s actually very rare to see Taiwanese people being so sarcastic. I guess that’s why I like it so much. I think foreigners would probably like this guy, too.  Since most of the people I know are used to sarcasm.


Auddielife is pretty sarcastic as well. But when I first saw the artwork, I was kind of taken aback by how gross the entire creature looked. Took me half a second to get used to the mole  and the butt on that…thing…


I think I am more attracted to these sort of comics. I had actually browsed through a lot of comics before settling on the ten that I’ve just showed you. But I don’t know, some of you might be more into webtoons about ghosts and stuff, or even idiotic gangsters! There’s an entire collection of them. Right here!



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