Finding Its Birth, Taiwan Art

1Taiwan art is very new and anticipated to be developed.  According to their Executive Planner, Huang Chee Weh (黃志偉 temporary English translation), they are working on that, to develop the arts that belong to Taiwan, the arts that show Taiwanessness and the arts that when people see, they see Taiwan.

So far European arts with its art history and theories have been the ones that most people are acquainted with. It’s taught in schools, private workshops and studios. But Taiwan arts have been absent and not-yet-born, according to Huang.  Fortunately, it can be anticipated because a group of artists are fervent to make that happen. We have hope.

2This afternoon I showed up at their exhibition.  The space was pretty small and showcased about 13 pieces (I didn’t do an exact count). I shot a few photos. Looking at the photos only wish I had a better camera. They are located at Sin Pink Pier arts space (新浜碼頭藝術空間), Kaohsiung.


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