Saturday, mid Autumn Festival Weekend

中秋節 /jon-choo-jay/ or /jon-chO-jay/can be called mid Autumn Festival, Moon Festival, BBQ Time or Moon Cake Festival:

for the mid Autumn name, because it occurs in the middle of the month, Lunar Calendar, August 15, marks the time turning from summer into autumn.  Interestingly, it has been pretty accurate with the season change and temperature dropping.  You can pretty much feel cooler after mid August.

for the Moon Festival name, because it’s always the full moon and has evolved into a romance story.  In the story on this day, Chahn Uh (嫦娥) went up to moon and Wu Gahn was there working making cakes.  Along with them was the bunny around on the moon.  So. full moon, romance story.  (Guess pretty contra American/European werewolves story, yeh? Oh… well, not until the recent modern werewolves like Teen Wolf that’s got admiration and romance.)

for the BBQ Time, yes, family and friends get around the BBQ grill in front of their home by the street or alley or gather at a BBQ restaurant if they decide to dine out.

for the Moon Cake Festival, as name suggests, Moon Cakes are in assortment, come out before the mid Autumn date, supposed to be enjoyed at or before the BBQ time.  Whenever that is, it’s sweet tooth time.

I decided to walk around Formosa MRT Station, Kaohsiung’s typical spot, figuring there should be something going on and  I was right!  Some church activity, singing, spreading their booklets and flyers, sharing Bible verses, telling people what they believe as Truth.  Stopped by my favorite tea spot, one of those that are old  fashioned back in the 80’s.  Ah, too bad, forgot to shoot photo of the store, but did remember to take a photo of Milk Tea, my favorite drink.  Couple hours out, pretty good.


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