The Arts that Captured Me

I was on my way out of the department store, but the sign that said children art on display on 11th floor caused me to stop and turn back in. The arts are impressive, going from grade 1 kids to upper graders.  Some are realistic and others are little abstract.  Some, you could see, are just at the beginning of their learning stage and others look sophisticated.  Whichever stage each child artist is, it’s just so precious, one of those things that excites you.  I love children and I love arts. With these two together, it’s like cheese and pizza a perfect pair.

Location: Shinkong Mitsukochi, Tsoying, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

About The Author

Zoe Hsiao

Zoe is teaching English. She is also writing and managing articles for the Stinky Tofu.

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