The Stinky Tofu is enforcing these commenting policies.  The goal is to raise the level of discourse in the comments, part of which involves eliminating inappropriate language and insults.

Comments of this nature are not allowed:

  • Attacks or insults towards other commentators, the post author, and journalists.
  • Inappropriate language, including swearing and related censor bypass attempts, lewdness, insults, and crude terms for body parts, bodily functions, and physical acts.  Overall, we don’t want any language that a parent would not want their kid to see.
  • Juvenile comments or extensive use of text message-type spelling.
  • Comments written mostly or entirely in capital letters.
  • Spam-type links or self-promotion.  Comments linking to other sites will be deleted.
  • Comments about how you’re sick of this topic or it’s not newsworthy.
  • Anything else we deem bad for business may be removed.

Also keep in mind the following general guidelines:

  • No inappropriate avatars or images are allowed.
  • Comments should be kept to approximately 200 words or less.
  • Corrections for errors made in our posts are welcome and appreciated.  We ask that you be cordial in doing so.

If you see comments that violate our policy, please flag them and/or contact us.  Bans may be handed out liberally by our moderators, without second chances or warnings.  Remaining civil is not that difficult, though, and most commentators have no problems doing so as well as helping rein each other in.  We at The Stinky Tofu are grateful for long-time commentators and readers, though this policy applies equally regardless of tenure.  This policy is always available at the bottom of the site, and will be re-posted monthly.