I usually make just beef noodle soup, but this time I decided to mix in Vietnamese style.

What’s Vietnamese style?  Most people should be familiar with Vietnamese Pho?  Yes, that’s it.  It’s like the Vietnamese Pho. In Vietnamese Pho, they put cilantro, raw bean sprouts (instead of cooked pak choi), hot pepper and a slice of lime.  So that’s what I would put in this beef noodle soup, with cilantro, raw bean sprouts and red hot pepper but no lime. Also, Vietnamese Pho uses roasted onion (whole uncut) to make the broth. That’s what I would add to my normal ingredients in the broth.



For broth:

beef carrots onion green onion

1 whole onion (peeled)
Beef (shin shank, whole uncut)
Green onions
1 medium size carrots (peeled)
4 ginger slices


Hand-pulled noodles (can use other kines of noodles, like Yongchoon noodles)
Bean sprouts
2 sprigs cilantro leaves
1 small red pepper



For broth:
3_4th water1. Fill the interior Thermo pot with 3/4 water



roasting onion2. Roast the onion
till it gets brown or dark brown
on the outside


green onions ginger pieces3. Break 1 stalk green onion into parts
combine 4 ginger slices and beef
in the pot
Cook in high heat till boil
then reduce heat, cook for 30 minutes in low heat, lid covered.

in 悶燒鍋4. Then place the pot in exterior Thermo pot
Close the exterior pot
keep it inside for 3 hours


carrot cut upsgreen onion cilantro red pepper5. Meanwhile, slice carrots, prepare cilantro leaves, chop green onions, cut red pepper
3 hours later, take out the interior pot
Put it back on stove,
add carrots, cook in medium heat for 20 minutes or till carrots are soft.


6. While cooking carrots, cook noodles:
boil some water in a saucepan, when water boils, put noodles in, cook till soft
(reduce heat if water raises level)

beef cut up7. When cooking noodles, do two things:
1) Cut up the beef.  In cutting the beef, cut in cross direction to meat tissue.
2) Place some broth in a medium large bowl, add 1/2 teaspoon salt


8. When noodles are done, take noodles out and put in the bowl

9.  Place 4 or 5 beef cut-ups in the bowl and add more broth till covers it (make sure the broth is still hot, if not heat it up till you see steam)

done noodle10. Then add on center top cilantro leaves, green onion pieces, red peppers  from step 5

11. Add raw bean sprouts, place on side


Ready to eat!

The broth soup can serve 4 or 5.

To make more bowls of noodles, increase the noodles and ingredients in step 5.

About The Author

Zoe Hsiao

Zoe is teaching English. She is also writing and managing articles for the Stinky Tofu.

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