3There’s a lot to learn from these small restaurants.  Like this one I was dining at, they have been opened since around 1990.  Not sure exactly when.  But ever since I remembered having dinned at this restaurant across from my old home, they were there.  Today I decided to stop by the restaurant and ordered the same thing I used to order back in high school, typically Guo Shau Instant Noodle Soup with unsweetened iced green tea. Yeah.  Memory back in high school, when I would hang out with couple friends after school, chatting, then a friend would say, Zoe, can I switch my seat with you?  Why, I asked.  Cuz I am getting mosquito bites here.  Ah, right, so it’s okay I get mosquito bites… hmm…


While recalling this conversation, my tea was served.  Having a mouth full drink of it, oh, I was thirsty.  It’s a hot day, but nice chilled drink.  Patiently awaiting my Guo Shau, looking around the restaurant, still that feel, that familiar feel, didn’t change. Good.  Something you felt attached to, not foreign, not alienated.  Guess that’s why we keep the old things–it provides that familiar feel, the safety feel.  Liked that feel…  Here comes my noodle. Meal’s complete. Chow.


Location: Yu Chu Commercial Circle 玉竹商圈 Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Edited 9:38pm Aug 24, 2014  had to correct the year for when the restaurant was opened.

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