When we’ve been tossed and whipped like that in this sort of harsh weather. All we want to do when we get back into the house is get dry and get some food. As soon as the meal is served, who cares why we were out there almost being blown to Oz?

So what sort of food will help us forget about the wind that sounds like a dying widow outside and the water that looks like the urine of a person with a kidney problem?


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Well, mine is stewed spareribs with rice powder 粉蒸排骨 with potatoes–because I love my potatoes.


Everybody has a different recipe for this dish, but if anyone wishes to make this, please follow the instructions provided on this site!

I know we’re not supposed to turn on our stoves until the wind has died down, but some people are rule benders–like moi. And you think the people who go out to get themselves blown side to side by the wind are going to care about their house being blown up? Nah.

So, another favorite food I found out that people like to eat during the storm is actually braised pork–along with braised tofu and seaweed. Yum, nom, nom.

images Of course, braised pork isn’t foreign to Westerners; but if you want to make it the Chinese way, click here.

And finally, when the typhoon strikes, the first thing our mind is “how much ramen should we buy for our household?”

source: 郊遊的心情

source: 郊遊的心情

Ramen might not be the healthiest choice and the most exquisite dish served to the table, but it brings back that nostalgic feeling. It is the Chinese version of the chicken soup, in other words.

When bad weathers strike, food is our only sanctuary. It doesn’t matter if we can’t shower with the right colored water, or that the power keeps going out. Just as long as we got our favorite food with us. Everything will be fine. So what is your favorite food? Pick and choose wisely for the next typhoon!

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