After almost a year later, the incident between Filipino Coast Guards and Taiwanese fisherman has almost come to a close. Sentencing details not yet released. Details below:

Homicide charges have been filed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) against 8 Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) personnel over a Taiwanese fisherman’s death, State Prosecutor General Claro Arellano said Thursday, April 3.

The charges were filed on March 27 at the Batanes Regional Trial Court.

Indicted for the death of Taiwanese national Huang Shih-Cheng are the following:

  • Commanding Officer Arnold Enriquez dela Cruz

  • Seaman 1st Class Edrando Quiapo Aguila

  • Seaman 1st Class Mhelvin Aguilar Bendo II

  • Seaman 1st Class Andy Gibb Ronario Golfo

  • Seaman 1st Class Sunny Galang Masangcay

  • Seaman 1st Class Henry Baco Solomon

  • Seaman 2nd Class Nicky Renold Aurello

  • Petty Officer 2 Richard Fernandez Corpuz

The 8 indicted PCG personnel “admitted to have fired their firearms” at the Taiwanese fishing boat where Shih-Cheng was aboard.

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