Energy Alternatives for Taiwan

In Taiwan we could use natural sources  other than nuclear for energy supplies.  We are naturally given with solar, ground heat, winds and ocean tides.  We already have schools that train specialists to convert solar to usable power. They can also train other specialists to convert other sources for energy supplies.  When we have seen what happened to Fukushima, Japan and Chernobyl, Russia, many of us really think, why should we take those risks while we are naturally given with other sources and how come we are lying the other sources in idle in exchange for those predicable dangers?  

This doesn’t make sense! We are given with the rich possibilities of other energy supplies, we really don’t have to rely on nuclear!

So here on March 8, 2014, many of us in various cities are showing our choices through rallies and protests for a termination of nuclear power and beginning to use other energy supplies.

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