Education in Taiwan should really make an improvement from ignoring physical education to having it practiced in reality.  In reality, schools don’t do it. In their class schedule from like 7 am to 5 pm, PE class is always replaced with other subjects like Math or “National Language” (國語), especially during the midterms or final exams preparation time, like 2 weeks prior to examination dates.  This is so unhealthy for our kids during process of growth.  I believe for kids to grow properly, bone health and all, it goes from age of 6 to 18, 12 years or so.  In the 12 years, ONE crucial, essential thing is  missing from most of the times in their growth life.  THAT is damaging, seriously.  Kids shouldn’t be just sitting at desks doing homework/schoolworks; they should also get under the sun and do some activities.  School PE is one way to help that pattern of life formed.  School education needs a change and be balanced.

Let schools begin the change with new teachers, new concept, new mindset!


About The Author

Zoe Hsiao

Zoe is teaching English. She is also writing and managing articles for the Stinky Tofu.

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