Respect for Life Is the Best Photo Shot

1 鐘立偉 bird story

4Kinmen (Jinmen) is known for its beautiful and rare bird species.  It attracts many bird loving photographers to go and photo shoot these amazing creatures.  But that doesn’t mean one should glue young birds’ feet to an artificial bird nest in order to capture the scene when the mother feeds the youngs.  Or one should tie the young birds to the trees by their feet so they would for sure stay when the mother feeds them, then photographers can capture that scene with their cameras.


Respect for Life is the Best Photo Shot

Keeping these birds alive and well lived is the only way to preserve them as well as their beauties. When a photo is shot that way, no matter how nice it appears, it’s not pretty because it doesn’t maintain the meaning of photographing something so momentarily precious. Unnatural way of photographing birds is unnatural to be honest.

Treating Life with Honesty Is the Best Photography

Most of us, the bird-loving people or natural life preservationists, would love seeing photo shots from their nude natural way.  If we are to see something that looks natural but actually done unnaturally, we can achieve that with today’s computer technology, we wouldn’t have needed those photographs.  Beautiful lives are  meant to be maintained by beautiful way.

You may see more of the beautiful birds at 金門飛羽觀測站
Photos:  鍾立偉, 金門飛羽觀測站

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