Everything makes you fat! You should drink as much water as possible every day to survive! In fact, it’s not so hard to find ridiculous health myths around the Internet and you’ll still jump into these evil misleading burrows.

  • Myth 1: I need sunscreen with more than 30 SPF.images
    Sunscreens with 30 SPF (sun protection factor) block approximately 97% of the ultraviolet rays, while sunscreens with higher-than-30 SPF block 97% – 98% of the ultraviolet rays. Instead of believing in the myth that higher SPF gives you better protection, dermatologists indicate that it’s rather important to wear a GENEROUS amount of sunscreen to gain advantage from the magical cream.


  • Myth 2: Running is better than walkinrunningg.
    Length before strength, meaning how long you exercise (calories you burn) is more crucial than how hard you move your body. In this case, running is just a more effective way to exercise, but not definitely better.
    In 2013, a study pointed out that having a walk in a moderate pace produced the same striking effect to health, so long as the amount of energy was expanded.


  • Myth 3: Brown breads are always better than white breads.brown bread
    As cruel as it could be, not all wheat breads were born equal. Just like a seahorse is not a horse, a brown bread is not necessarily a wheat bread. In fact, only those that include the nutrient-rich grain kernel and fiber-dense bran could be labeled “whole grain” or “whole wheat” and are truly beneficial for your health.
    Next time you see brown breads in the bakery, BE AWARE, they may just APPEAR to be healthier.


  • Myth 4: Everyone needs to poop every day.16004893-Toilet-toilet-bowl--Stock-Vector-cartoon
    You must have wondered how come some people can poop twice or even thrice a day. They seem to be so talented and industrial for being able to take more bowel movement. However, not having these LONG toilet breaks daily is OK for people. Though having a fiber-rich diet and keeping hydrated would assure your waste beautiful and healthy, whoever not keeping a regular “pooping schedule” shouldn’t worry about failure. After all, it’s an EPIC mission to be frequent in it.


  • Myth 5: Microwave ovens kill nutrition in foods.microwave
    We can’t deny that microwaving fails to heat up most meals evenly and often leads to terrible texture of foods. Despite the fact that microwave can destroy some nutrients in food, such as broccoli’s sulforaphane, this statement ought to be discussed case-by-case. All in all, microwaving is not a serious issue to be addressed. It doesn’t possess the monopoly to kill foods!

From time to time, myths disseminate false ideas throughout the world and cling to people’s minds as many of them appear quite logical and reasonable. Just remember, it’s our job to annihilate them!

About The Author

Jamie Hung

Jamie is currently a medical student in Taiwan. He is also the editor for the Health section of The Stinky Tofu.

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