Many people have noticed the influx of travelers and foreigners in Taiwan because of summer vacations or just the successful campaigns by Taiwan’s Travel Bureaus. Now there are many “rules” or cultural “reminders” but these are well over-done and well-conveyed in many of the sites in describing how to travel to Taiwan.

Now this may be directive to a certain demographic who visits Taiwan but these are all common sense. Or is it? Let us know what you think below!


1. No Public Pooping or Urinating! (especially your kids!)

no public pooping

Now many people would say, “duh that’s common sense”. Well, because the convenience of going on the side of the road or even in public areas is not shameful for some people, it is disgusting and downright close to the Middle Ages attitude that does not do well here in Taiwan. As much as the improvement of people picking up after their dogs in Taiwan, there shouldn’t be any reason for any Taiwanese to start picking up after the tourists. So if you visit Taiwan, please…. don’t let yourself or your kids do this shameful display.  Let’s keep Taiwan clean. Of course, we have to mention… please also don’t let your kids poop in any airplane.  It’s just wrong and inhumane to the rest of the passengers.

2.  No Littering

Recycling Bin

Okay, this is something to understand about Taiwan. There aren’t many “public trashcans” mainly for preventing locals from dumping trash lazily instead of waiting for the trash truck to come. But even then, the cities of Taiwan have made it a point to make sure there is a good amount of Recycling and Trash Bins in mainly frequent public areas. Can’t find a trash bin? Hold onto it and/or ask if you can throw something away at a store. Many stores now have both Recycling and Trash Bins. Again, common sense, but we have seen people just throwing something on the ground when there’s a trash bin maybe 5 feet away.

3. No Getting into Loud and Angry Mode (Or Hulk Mode)

Hulk ANgry

Look, sometimes life is frustrating but don’t take it out on people especially public workers. Recently there is the incident where a man cussed and yelled out this bus driver for missing a stop, which has spread all over Taiwanese and East Asian social media. As much as this man was pegged as either an American or even American-Born Taiwanese or Asian, it is a shame to see this type of attitude. In Taiwan, there is a common courtesy or common sense to treat your fellow human with some sort of dignity. Too bad this man erased all types of dignity for himself and his family.

4. Treating Retail People with Respect


In Taiwan, people have all types of jobs, but one type that gets taken for granted are people who work at retail shops. Even elevator women (the ones that help you press the button to the right floor) are taken for granted. Again, this goes back to the number 3. Let’s treat your fellow human with some respect.

5. Treating all types of Culture with Some Respect


There is a diverse variety of cultures here in Taiwan. From the early Taiwanese to aborigines, Taiwan has a large variety of different cultures. Let’s try to respect all types, regardless of how much curiosity you may have of it. One way to respect is to find out if you are bothering their rituals as many rituals or traditions are not made for the public. As one of the largest violators is of course recently with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau who have largely market tourism to Taiwan’s aboriginal communities.


There you have it.  There could be more… but these are the main 5. Let us know if you know of one!

About The Author

Shin-Howe Chen

One of the Founders of The Stinky Tofu, he believes in Taiwanese self sustainment and identity. Holds an MBA and loves baseball. Probably be talking about baseball most of the time.

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