The following content is contributed by our guest writer, Neo Wu.  He is a graduate student with a study in Political Science at National Chung Cheng University, Chiayi, Taiwan.  The content is edited by our Editor,  Zoe Hsiao, for language proficiency purpose.

Report on Sunflower Student Civil Movement
Outside of the Legislature, Taipei, Taiwan
March 21, 2014

What power can collect thousands of people to occupy the Legislature in chilling winds?  What power can move so many people to clean the garbage from littered streets and send aiding materials without orders?  And what power can cause an accusation against a protest with their unfriendly rumors and violent threats?  We always know the meaning of citizenship and citizen participations and we know that from our textbooks. But when you put yourself into practice in movements, you then understand in depth the true value of being a citizen.

Can you imagine a society, a culture with so many capitals and realisms, yet there are people caring about their, and therefore, our public affairs?  They put down their school books, leave aside their schoolworks, leave their jobs and works behind, coming together for just one single purpose: to show their true right and belief to their government.

Our nation is always proud of our freedom and democracy, but here is one great irony. The great irony is that our Congressmen hurt our law and they do that damage to the deepest degree.  Luckily we have our young generation so powerful with civic consciousness in civil movement to try to move our nation into the right direction. This is the force we need today in this ridiculous situation.


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