Now Updated with Island’s Sunrise Premier Show Kaohsiung
Time: May 25 Sunday 6 pm – 9 pm
Location: Kaohsiung Railway Cultural Campus
Mass Transportation : MRT Orange Line Siziwen Stop Exit #2
地點: 高雄鐵道文化園區、駁二園區 
時間: 5/25(日)晚上 6 點 ~ 9 點
Updated as of May 21, 2014

Island’s  Sunrise, the theme song for Sunflower Movement

Sunflower Movement began on March 18, 2014 with a well organized group of college students entering the Legislature (Legislative Yuan) and took the podium in opposing the non-transparent rushed-in-30-second passing of Cross-Straight Service Trade Agreement.  Then on March 30, the movement was expanded to half a million participants on Ketagalan Boulevard.  It was reported half a million persons participated but with a million head counts; some stayed for the entire time and others came for couple hours.

After March 30, the students that took the podium were still inside the Legislature to keep the podium occupied.  Outside the Legislature, people were aspired to participate to understand more of the nature of the movement and the problem with the rushed-passing agreement.  The students didn’t officially withdraw until April 10, but the movement is expected to continue with efforts and hopes to expand from inside the Legislature with the students to outside the Legislature into communities.


Island’s Sunrise is now sung in so many ways:



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