These days are days of tensions with anxieties and concerns.  Citizens of Taiwan believe nuclear power plants that have been built aren’t as safe as they are said be.  With Fukushima and Chernobyl as precedent crisis examples, a large crowd of Taiwanese as many as 50,000 believe they shouldn’t put themselves at stake for another crisis since it looks predictable.  The power plants in Taiwan have not been built properly.  Both nuclear power plants 1 and 4 have problems.  Plant 1 is already in operation and plant 4 is planned to be.  But instead of allowing another mistake like plant 1, people believe it should just stop now, especially the building of plant 4 is already reported to have built inappropriately, probably due to bribes and unlawful behind-the-scene activities.

To encourage more people to participate and understand the crisis they would be faced, a mock crisis was performed with all the participants on site.




Photos from Chioufeng Wu and 劉宸賑

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