“Large Intestine Flower” Junkie Forum 

The last night before official withdrawal from Legislative Yuan,  Large Intestine Flower Junkie Forum is opened for any Sunflower Movement participant to really shout out.  Lots adult languages.  Viewer discretion required.

In case viewers wonder why “large intestine flower”…

First, there isn’t such flower, not as far as I know.  The term Large Intestine Flower is a DIRECT LITERAL translation from its name in Mandarin, 大腸花.  The name 大腸花 is taken from 太陽花 (sunflower) because the characters 大腸 looks so much like 太陽.  But there isn’t large intestine flower in Mandarin in Taiwan either. 太陽 (sun) for 太陽花 (sunflower) is the name for the Sunflower Movement.  And so 大腸花 “large intestine flower” is created.  It’s just some typical Taiwanese humor.



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