Taiwan’s status quo is yet again brought to the international platform in a fierce way since China’s spokeswoman claimed Taiwan’s future should be decided by the people of China (the P.R.C.) and was thus confronted by us that “come on, it’s none of your business.  Taiwan’s future should rather be decided by ourselves, alright?” China then crazily handed out to each United Nations membership nation a document that tried to claim Taiwan’s ownership to itself. (They think that would work.)

Who owns Taiwan really?  Taiwan has been a nation itself even if some from international communities haven’t seen that.  But that’s the way it has been.  Taiwan has been a nation itself, especially with its identity building, this fact is just being made into a better, more sensible reality. Yet it’s like in the typical story where there’s the good guy, there must be the antagonist to make the story more interesting and viewer-attractive.  China, in this case, is the antagonist.  He has constantly been trying to distract Taiwan from maturing its identity and nation.  Who knows why China is doing this?  Perhaps to make the Pacific Asia more animating to the world or to just create a lot of “typhoons” for the Pacific outsiders to get busy at, as if life couldn’t be better without China.  (Sarcasm.)

Meanwhile, China isn’t the only trouble to Taiwan.  People who aren’t yet sure who they are or want to be is another aspect.  These aspects added together are like Taiwan just hasn’t had enough troubles and needs more.  (Another sarcasm.)  Those people that are unsure could be because of self interest seeking or due to parents’/grandparents’ influences that they are afraid to go against and as a result lose the familial linkage feel.

Though with the internal trouble aspect, still, no one from outside Taiwan has the right to decide and claim Taiwan’s ownership.  That’s overstepping and intruding. No one should do that.  Only Taiwan has the right to make that decision.

Only Taiwan has the right to make that decision.

Taiwan deserves its sole ownership.

Who doesn’t?

The Stinky Tofu honors those who honor Taiwan’s sole right to make the decision for its own fate and future:


(Brief translation: in whose hand is Taiwan’s sovereignty?
… No organization in the United Nations has the right to decide Taiwan’s status)

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