What is Taiwan identity? Many people have put it as do you identify yourself as Taiwanese or Chinese? It is simply, do you believe you, your ancestors, or parents are from Taiwan. It is plain and simple if you consider yourself Taiwanese and proud of it. Recently a survey conducted in June of this year has concluded that there is an increase of people on Taiwan that consider themselves Taiwanese. Now 57.5 percent of people on Taiwan consider themselves Taiwanese. Funny how being on a island named Taiwan, we will have trouble calling ourselves Taiwanese. But that is the reality of politics blurring the identity of people living in Taiwan or 3.6 percent that consider it Republic of China since only that percentage consider themselves Chinese living in Taiwan.

The percentage of people who consider themselves as Chinese and Taiwanese is slowing climbing down as it is now 36.1% instead of last years’ 38.5%. This is great news as many have realized, hey if you live in a place called Taiwan, you’re probably considered Taiwanese but hey that’s why we have an identity crisis the last 64 years. The constant years of brainwashing by Kuomingtang who can’t get away from the fact they lost the war and can never go back as a ruling party in China have hampered the efforts to use common sense that if you live in a place called Taiwan, you’re probably most likely called Taiwanese. This survey was conducted by Elections Study Center, NCCU which has done surveys since 1992.

You can check out the graph here.

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