The Stinky Tofu Rating Guide!

This rating system is much like what is hot and cold when it comes what is good and bad for Taiwanese in Taiwan and everywhere else.

We will rate the articles one through ten. If you see a 1, this means that it is disgusting to us. It means there’s something not delicious about the topic in the article. If it is a 10, this means it is delicious. The topic is so delicious that Taiwanese can be proud of the topic on hand.

So for example, one of our first articles is about how the increase identification of people on Taiwan as Taiwanese, this is given a 10. It is good news for Taiwan.

So if you see something like 1, its probably something so terrible like President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) wanting to be President for life or becoming governor of Taiwan when it is sold to China.

If it is a 3 to 5, in most cases it will be something about our neighbors to the West, some hilarious or serious matters from China concerning Taiwan in some way.

The rating is more of a fun way to look at our articles and if you disagree of the rating be sure to comment about it.