The Sochi 2014 Olympics saw some horrific and hilarious moments way before the ceremony was presented to the world. But what made the news wasn’t about how Russia failed or politics involving the world powers. For Taiwanese, the news was that their Olympians looked hideous. Fashion faux pas for the team the world calls Chinese Taipei. At this moment in time, many especially myself feel like go ahead, let them be called Chinese Taipei so no one would know that these paint workers or Snuggie commercial walkers are from Taiwan.

Maybe we are too tough on the team that represents Taiwan, after all it is just three men. But this is the common feeling the last two days


But it’s not like the world feels the same way or saw it right? Taiwan didn’t quite make any so called “best” or “worst” lists like this Mashable one on the first day. But of course, Yahoo had to come up with one that involves the paint workers.

Maybe we should just leave it to the reactions on Twitter to tell us how bad the Taiwan’s Olympic Committee did on these uniforms.

Oh Snuggies….

Whoa another one… maybe Snuggies should contact Taiwan’s Olympic Committee for a commercial or ask them to be a sponsor

At least the Snuggies have this person’s support

WOOT the athletes aren’t wearing snuggies… Oh well, at least our athletes will play some Quidditch, if it ever becomes a sport.

From Yahoo

Maybe Yahoo is right… maybe as exercise or workout these three will finish the paint job needed for those hotels that people keep complaining about.


In the end, maybe we are straying away from the fact that the team is still called Chinese Taipei and the fact that Xi Jinping waved at the team.

Xi Jinping

Who knows what is worse? But at least we can say this to the person responsible for the uniforms:

You had only one job

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